My interest in photography comes from my perception of the mysterious, ephemeral nature of the world around us. I use photography as a form of documentation to capture passing moments in time, and then share them with my family and friends.

I believe there are so many unknowns in nature that, in our “busy” lives, our perception of them is limited. Photography is the art of capturing light and time. Light gives us the image; time is also encapsulated in these images in terms of a unit of measure which provides the viewer with a story. Once the photography is taken; that moment is frozen in time and then manifests itself in the photograph. The art of photography can express beauty, memories and incredible moments.

To the photographer, a camera is simply a tool. Appreciation comes with one eye closed, while the other studies an image through the camera’s viewfinder. The passing instant in which the decision is made to release the shutter is what creates the unexpected result in the photograph. To create truly outstanding results, the photographer’s consciousness must revert to a detached, meditative state.

My work varies between different subjects, styles and compositions. I believe the creative possibilities in photography to be endless; most frequently they are also challenging. Reward comes through the knowledge that each photograph outlines a story; the creator of that image is the storyteller: a photographer.

–Le Kevin (2005)